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A vision is the DNA. The Fingerprint.

What awaits you behind the overgrown wall that separates Grandmother’s garden from the land of the hidden? And what was locked away a long time ago behind the old door, whose key is still lost today? Secrets shape us as much as the urge to fathom them.

Some places keep secrets. Mysteries that arise in our minds feed on our fears, desires and ideas.

In developing games, we see ourselves as mediators between realities and the voice of the characters we write. We lead players on a journey into stories and let them discover what lies behind the garden wall.
To build games that accomplish that, we create dense, detailed worlds. Rules can strengthen the foundation of a world and provide players with a sense of authenticity. We are driven by the thrill of what lies in the dark. We and the characters we create. The journey to the innermost secrets of a world will always start with one thing: The step into the unknown.

Our vision – to create brands that are characterized by depth and creativity. To achieve this, we made Rivers and Wine Studios a workplace that holds high the needs of employees. We want to look at our environment with curiosity and tolerance and carry this perspective not only into the company but also into the worlds we build.

Passion + Team Spirit + Profession

A new approach that renounces stagnation. The price? Restlessness. The reassurance? A passionate team. The reward? Originality.

What makes a bunch of people a team in the first place? Is it the passion and commitment that everyone puts into it? The pursuit for professionality? Or the realization that the extra mile is often the most beautiful part of the way?

We think it’s respect. Respect for one another. For the commitment of the players, for the wishes and goals of colleagues. Respect for great ideas, whether realized or rejected.

As a team, we want to strengthen and encourage each other to support everyone of us in our professional and personal growth. Our team covers specialized expertise in almost every area that is necessary for an independent in-house production.

Passion + Team Spirit + Profession

Our game designer Alex sitting infront of his computer scree

Finding solutions is part of our job. Finding them in the team is a great part of it

Art director Nadine creating a digital concept art

Great Team person. Damn creative. Our Art directress

Your name – Your identity?

Rivers never stand still, they’re restless. Our journey began at a river, surrounded by wine. Downstream we moved from the Moselle to the Rhine. But we took the wine with us.

Your name is not your identity. But it has a say. You were born with it. Decided matter. That’s you. No veto allowed. So, the conscious choice of a name can be a very fundamental one. Be it for a pet, a game character, or your own company.

We took a lot of time to find a name because it was important to us to know the identity of Rivers and Wine before naming it. A name can tell your origin and how you envision the future. With Rivers and Wine, this is the case because our roots are in Trier. Founded in 2019, we moved to Cologne.

What does the future hold in store? We don’t know, but the rivers do not stand still.

This is the place, where we started our journey