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Developers define what the game is. Players define what the game becomes.

Games – between human and medium

Think outside the box but check it for collectibles. The findings from your past may still shape your future.

Making games is not only a journey into the stories and places you create, but also a journey into yourself. When you build universes, it shifts the way you look at the world around you. You discover nuances, connections and depth where you would least expect them.

Games are a versatile medium that’s constantly reinvented, not by the developers but by the players. Every project incorporates a piece of us, the developers. But we cannot complete it. Never. Because the player has the last piece of the puzzle. If we succeed, you, as the player, get engaged in the adventure, immerse yourself and create the essence of why we do this job: You feel.

On the edge of existence, not everything wants to be uncovered

Where shadows become darkness, secrets become mysteries